To Mongolia in a Mere 10 Seconds!

Before I begin, would you do me a favor?

Yes? Oh...good. I knew we were close friends!

I want you to close your eyes for 10 seconds (just sit back, shut your peepers, and take a few deep breaths). I'll wait!

How was that? Nice, right? Don't you love working for me? Haha.

Now, tell me, where did your mind go in those 10 seconds? Those 10 seconds you had all to yourself? It's OK if you say "um, uh, nowhere," because, to be honest, it would probably take around 10 minutes or so for your mind to go anywhere but here, where you are right now and what you are doing at this moment. But, nonetheless...it's important to let your mind get loose every now and then. Loosey goosey, baba ghanoushy! Like a chiropractic adjustment for your spine, 10 seconds of a breather is a great way to relax, realign yourself with reality, and as a result, help you to help yourself to be the best, most helpful person you can hopefully be!

Huh? Whaaat?

Don't worry, I lose myself sometimes too! Speaking of losing yourself, what I'm trying to say is that it can be beneficial to, every once in awhile, close your eyes, count to 10, and then open them again. It's like taking a sip of water...it's takes up a small part of our day, but it serves a beneficial purpose! Try it for a day, or for life...I think you'll come to see what I mean!

Enough rambling and psychobabble though...now tell me, where did your mind go in those 10 seconds?

Uh huh...uh huh...oh, I see...wow!...cool!...Is it my turn yet?

Besides the fundamental and lackluster cycle that I have going on 24/7 inside my head of what I need to do each day (that's another blog post for another time...or maybe never...can you say "OCD?"), here's a glimpse at where my mind almost always goes:

"Hmmm...Spain...travel...la vida de una aventuradora...I wonder how many people are asleep right now...how many are waking up...where are they going...who, if anyone, are they with...will I ever get to meet them?...the clouds...pretty, pretty, clouds...flying, staying home...comfort, family, blankets, fire, peace, love, joy...God...oh, how I love you God...with you I will go both near and far...my heart is yours, I am yours, lead me to where you want me to be, tell me who you want me to be, where you want me to go, what you want me to do...your voice being the whisper I hear in the wind...your arms being the peace I feel in the stillness of night...goats, horses, turquoise, rustic stone buildings, a windmill, a ranch...my ranch...with a guest cabin for visitors, and a creek to swim in, play in, and skip rocks in...hmmm...Mongolia!"

Ahhh...has it been 10 seconds already? See what I mean! Honestly, that was the best 10 seconds I've had in a long time. My thoughts vary each time I close my eyes, but lately, they've ended with "Mongolia". Self-help and imaginary travel are a potent combination, one that has me clamoring for more every time I open my eyes. A mere 10 seconds has never felt so good!

So, just as a Mom instructs her children to "remember to take their vitamins," I'm going to leave you with this instruction: "Remember to take your 10 seconds!"

Goodbye for now...I'm off to do some more in- depth dreaming (i.e. sleeping)...if that's even a possiblity!


*"Where my Mind Went," "A Lifetime Passed Beneath My Eyelids," and "10 Seconds or Less" are all temporary titles for my temporarily planned book, release date to be announced according to my temper.* Gracias, and Buenas Noches!