Between the Bluebonnets and Me

"Ohhh...how pretty!"

"Oooo...did you see those? How gorgeous!"

"Wow! Texas Hill Country, will you marry me?"

O.K. Time to take it down a notch. Inhale...and, exhale. Good. Good job! Now, focus...and this time, try not to get too obsessed/enamored with the bluebonnets and all their other wildflower companions, comprende?

"Alright, fine, I'll try," I say to myself as I stare back out the passenger seat window. This is just a glimpse into the battlefield of love that rages within my head when it is springtime in the Texas Hill Country...because, with Spring comes beautiful weather, bright, optimistic wildflowers, and daydreams of what your wedding day would actually look like if you were indeed to follow through on your marriage proposal to, in my opinion, the best part of Texas.

And daydream, I do. A nice, white, cotton dress, no shoes (all the better to feel the soft, green grass underfoot), possibly a pearl necklace, and a bouquet of my beloved wildflowers should do the trick.

Wait, but come to think of it, in order for me to have a bouquet of wildflowers at the impending ceremony, I would actually need to pick them. No, that doesn't sound right! Oh no, I think I'm starting to get cold feet...maybe I should wear shoes with my dress. No, that wouldn't fix anything. What about the wildflowers? They would never forgive me for committing such a ruthless act! In fact, I'm still not positive that it's legal (both the picking of the wildflowers, and the getting married to the wildflowers). Maybe, I start to reason with myself, it wasn't love after all...maybe it was just, dare I say... lust.

And with that, my mind begins to settle back into reality as I choose to accept the fact that a marriage between me and the bluebonnets and all their other wildflower companions would never work.

"I'm sorry bluebonnets, and all your wildflower friends...it's not you, it's me."

Honestly, we're better off just remaining friends. They make me smile, and I in turn, capture photos of them that will hopefully cause others to do the same. And that's what friends are for, right? To make each other happy, to share in each other's joy. It's the circle of life accompanied by the circle of love, if you will. And what a friendship we will always have, what a friendship it will always be...the one between the wildflowers, the bluebonnets, and me!

(P.S.) This post does not even begin to give you a glimpse of the beauty that can be seen out here in the Texas Hill Country. It's more like a peek!