It's Been a Long Time...

Hi y'all!

Let's not get into the mushy details as to why I haven't posted in awhile, ok?

Do we have a deal?
Are you sure?

Ok then.

Now that that's been taken care of, let me just say...wow! It's been a long time. Seven months to be exact. But who's counting?

I won't get into everything that's happened in that time. A deal is a deal, man.

Gosh! Who's idea was that anyways?

I will tell you this, though: If there's one thing, one experience, that stands out above all else, it would be this:

Which all started with this:

Then transitioned into this:

And included a little bit of this:

And a lot of this:

I once said that you know you've had a good summer when you realize you've taken 200 pictures over the course of 3 months.

During our trip to the Grand Canyon, I took 253 pictures...over the course of 3 days.

As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words."
So...let's see...253 X 1000 = 253,000.

Yep...that's about as many times as I've expressed my desire/need/desperation to go back.

Just ask my mom and dad...I'm sure they'll vouch for me.

I have a feeling that they've already bought me another plane ticket...out of a certain desire/need/desperation of their own.

Haha. :-)

Until next time,


"Dream it, plan it, do it." ~National Geographic Traveler~