A Creek, a Rose, and some Buffaloes

"There they are!" I squealed with excitement as our car approached a herd of buffaloes grazing not more than 20 yards from the road. I was 99.9% sure that I had seen some buffaloes the last time we drove this way. But there was still that .1% percent of uncertainty...until now.

"Oh, wow... you were right," my mom and dad said, with as far as I could detect, a hint of both awe and surprise in their voices.

That's what I love about Texas: it never ceases to amaze...whether your a cowboy-hat-totin' native or a cowboy-hat-totin' wannabe. Take the buffaloes for instance. Or the "lost maple" trees we saw when we went on our annual Fall hike at Lost Maples State Park later that day. Or the abundance of natural creeks and springs that can be found throughout the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country. Anyway, you get what I'm saying. There is always something or someplace amazing just waiting to be discovered!

But, while there are many surprises, that still doesn't mean that all the stereotypes made about Texas are inaccurate. For instance, when your rose bush blooms for the first time since you planted it 2 years ago... it is a cause for celebration. In fact, keeping anything (humans included) alive throughout the summer (i.e. throughout the drought) is a cause for celebration.

So today, as with every day, I raise my camera to you, my dear Texas, my home...where the deer and the buffalo roam! And to you, my readers, I post my photos and videos! Enjoy! ~April~

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