Now Arriving in Carefree Country, Colorado

It was as though we had switched bodies or something...and I was observing myself while yet still being my self. Obviously when I "left on a jet plane," I really did just that...I left, took a respite from myself, and let the "country roads" of Colorado "take me home." (I've had John Denver on the brain recently...can you tell?) At least, the excuse of "taking a break from myself" is how I justified my actions/consoled myself when I realized I hardly took any pictures of our vacation to Colorado a couple of weeks ago. That, or there's always that issue of the oxygen levels experienced at high altitudes...you know, not enough blood flow to brain = fluctuating outlook on life (otherwise known as F.O.O.L.). But, who am I kidding? Let's get back to the switching bodies part. You see, while I was busy being afflicted with a currently undiagnosed syndrome, my mom was busy being "F.O.O.L proof " (i.e. She was busy taking photos, and serving as Photographer in Chief (otherwise known as "P.I.C.") while I was away from my post, er...tripod). Therefore, I must credit some of these photos to her. Thanks momma! But, most of all, I must credit them to that which stood before the camera lens, whose only syndrome was on occasion the change in weather...which only made it more beautiful! To Colorado, to the Country, and to those special moments in time that allow you to be Carefree! Amen.
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Ice Falls and Ice Climbing...

And (last, but definitely not least) Snowshoing...

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