La La Land!

Just when you thought I was done traveling for the summer, I surprise you by jetting off to Los Angeles for a few days. Oh yeah, that's right...there's a new Samantha Brown in town! (Samantha Brown is a TV host for the Travel Channel...I like to watch her shows. You can check out all of her adventures here: http://www.travelchannel.com/TV_Shows/Samantha_Brown) Unlike my other "adventure" this summer (to Washington), my Mom came with me on this trip. Now, I have officially been to all of the West coast states (with the exception of Alaska)! This was our first trip to La La Land (L.A.), and we were here to see my brother (we'll call him Trent), where he lives, and to check out the place he calls home.
Along the way, we saw and discovered some pretty cool parts of L.A.. From gawking at the palm trees lining Beverley Hills Blvd. to walking on the sandy shores of Santa Monica beach. From attending the symphony performance at the Hollywood Bowl to seeing Hollywood Blvd. (no stars, besides those on the sidewalk, were spotted). From strolling through booths of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables at a local Farmers Market to watching fish swim below a fountain at a hidden-gem of a park named after Will Rogers. From sipping coffee at the Coffee Bean cafe to cruising around in my brothers very sleek Porsche. You could say we have now been to and done L.A., but in reality (i.e. in a city with 21 million people), we've only skimmed the surface. Here are just a few of the photos that I took.

The Palm trees were as gorgeous as the houses they towered beside (or should it be the other way around?).

Two fish in a pond at Will Rogers Park.

Santa Monica Pier and Beach.

The Coffee Bean, and a tree that likes to lean.

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