Mary and Me

It's official. The Fall school semester has begun, and with that so have all the homework, presentation, and research paper assignments . You know, all those sheets of paper that, upon getting passed out in class, are met with a sound of silent despair (or, if you're not as quiet as me, audible despair). Yep, all that has begun! It's not that all class assignments are doomed or anything. To the contrary, sometimes they can be interesting, and just as I did today, you might end up making an interesting discovery about your subject that you might not have made if it weren't for that sheet of paper with the ominous due date marked in bold.

So today, I was doing some research on Mary of Bethany (not Mary, mother of Jesus) for my New Testament class. We all have to give a speech/presentation on the biblical character of our choosing (from the NT, of course), and I chose her. So when I stumbled upon this drawing of her (although, nobody knows for sure what she looked like, seeing as she lived around 2,000 years ago), I was reminded of a photo of myself taken not that long ago. I guess this assignment was just meant to be! Mary and Me, that is.

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