1 Chilly Day = 1 Beautiful Sunset Display

Hey everyone, I hope that y'all are doing great, and that you had a wonderful Christmas and a joyful New Year's! I know we did. Ahhh, our tree, our fires, our family. Parties, movies, and games of Monopoly (well, ok, not Monopoly, but games no less). Gifts, to-do lists, and well, you get my drift. While the holidays have come and gone, and our Christmas tree is officially on standby for our next campfire, that doesn't mean that we all have to stop celebrating, does it? We don't? you may be asking. Call me crazy, a celebration enabler if you must, but no, we don't.

For everyday is a gift from God, and, as the Bible tells us, we should not worry, but have faith and rejoice in Him. We are always welcome to sing praises to His name. Not just on Christmas or for as long as our stockings are hung by the chimney with care, but every day of the week. I can't think of a better way to spend my time, or my year. So, in honor of 2010, of my faith in God and the foundation and the future I have in Him, here are some pictures I took of a recent sunset display on a rather chilly Texas hill country day. Have a wonderful day and remember, I gave you permission to celebrate! Haha. ~April~

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