A Peach Tree and Me

Deep breath...ahhhh! Spring, is that you? Are you what has brought the crisp, cool air and the sunny skies that have coaxed the peach trees to blossom? Have you arrived? Or am I too early in my anticipation of your arrival? Whatever the answer, it sure is a lovely time of year here. Some people scoff at the occasional chilly days, but I look the other way and say "Horray! Hurrah! Come see, come saw!" (No, I don't really...I could sense that you were worried about my mental state of mind...thanks for your concern.)

I enjoy this mix of overcast skies and clear Spring-like days. It's as though the seasons are in transition, neither here nor there, all the while displaying their emotions everywhere. It reminds me of all the facets of life and all the factors of living. It inspires me to think, to reflect and to look towards the future. And just like the blossoming peach trees and the soft, make-my-eyes-glaze-over sunsets that this weather brings, I myself am neither here nor there, but like the seasons, am in transition. So I breath (deep breath...ahhhh!), and am at peace. And then I realize something: the weather will always be weather, the peach trees will always blossom and bear peaches, life will always be full of transitions, and I will always be ME!

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