Country Comfort

Since as far back as I can remember, I've been receiving anonymous calls. It happens daily. Sometimes twice a day. Sometimes three. It's a constant conundrum in my life. Weird, right? But, you want to know something? I kinda like it. Ok...for those of you freaking out right now, fearful of what kind of stalker has skillfully, stealthily secured my cell phone number, have no fear. I am here! I've already tracked the number down. The caller and I have discussed the matter for quite some time now, and we continue to come to the same solution. The calls will continue to come...only if I encourage them. In the meantime, I plan to learn about the caller's background by conducting research in some of the following fine pieces of literature: Again, only if I encourage it. I will dream about what our future will be like together. I will even listen to songs about the caller and sing along with them, piquing the curiosity of other drivers, as they blare from my car radio. I will even, dare I say it, look at pictures of this anonymous caller...even taking a few of the pictures myself. Ok, ok, I relent...the pressure to reveal the truth is too intense. But...but I'm afraid... You can't handle the truth! (Name that movie!) *Sorry...blogger moment.* Wait. What was I getting at? Oh...right! The anonymous caller. It's the country. The country is my anonymous caller. The country...it calls me...and it is... anonymous. WHAT??!! I know...I'm good. You thought it was a person, right? And here I was, thinking you knew me better than that. Just kidding! I know that you know that I know that you would never not know about my love for the country. The way it's whispering wind sounds in my ear. The way it's scenery is set in my head like a computer's screen saver...it's my brain's default setting. The way the trees, the grass, and the horses feel beneath my bare hands. The way where all it takes is one breath, and you yourself are taken away. I'm ready to be handed the marriage papers. Let me know when and where I need to sign. I'll be waiting. And researching. And dreaming. And singing. And photographing. And blogging. And, most importantly, praying. All about the country. And the future we have together.

All my love, ~April~

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