A hike, you say...¡Oye!

Yesterday, we all (including my uncle, who was visiting from Colorado) went on a morning hike. Because it gets so hot here (it reached 106 degrees yesterday), about the only time you are able to enjoy being outside is either early in the morning or in the evening. Needless to say, it was very nice to be outside for more than ten minutes before feeling the magnetic-like pull of an air conditioned house tempting you inside!

It seemed as though the animals thought it was nice too. I tried to take some pictures of all the birds and the deer that we saw, but they all seemed to have an inkling, or "sixth sense," as I like to put it, about what I was doing, and didn't want any part in it. Here are some of the animals I was able to capture (with my camera, of course).

A cottontail rabbit:

A snake (anyone know what kind?):

My puppy Brittany got her first summer haircut yesterday. Isn't she a sweetheart!

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