Tonight, I stepped into my backyard to see...well, what I could see. Normally, I am in the backyard giving my puppy some attention, watering the garden, or refilling the bird feeder, but, while doing these things is important, I believe that it is equally important to stop "doing" things, and to instead just observe. "Observe?" you ask. "Observe what?" Well, that depends...it depends on what part of the country you live in, what season it is, even what time it is. But, no matter what, where, or when, one thing remains true: If you're like me, you will come away with a feeling of awe and inspiration. But, most importantly, you will be reminded that just as God has a hand in shaping this earth, He also has a hand in shaping us, and in shaping our lives. And after stepping into my backyard today, and seeing all that I could see, I am glad to be in His hands!

Our redbud tree:

The caterpillars think it looks good...good enough to eat:

The sunset tonight (beautiful, as always):

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