Seashells and Sunsets

On Saturday, I went on a self-guided hike through the woods above our house. It was a lot of fun! I sort of felt like a pioneer...forging my own path through the trees, over the boulders, and up the hill; I even made some discoveries, and got chased down (albeit by a dog the size of a shoe box); but, let me just say...he could move!

Here are a couple of the fossilized seashells I found...it's so amazing to think that at one time Texas was covered by water! Sometimes, you can even find dry seaweed lying amongst the seashells!

On Sunday evening we went down to the lake to watch the sunset. It was gorgeous! I hadn't been down to the lake just for the sole purpose of watching the sun set in awhile...I forgot how nice it is! Here is a picture I took, and a video clip from that night.

Ojala que tengan buenas "aventuras" hoy y siempre! (I hope that y'all have great adventures, today and always!) ~Abril~

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